Elephant Back Safaris – South African Vacation And Safaris

Elephant Back Safaris has become essentially the most favorite activities in South Africa, certainly a must do with your South African Tour and Safari.

It is an from this world experience to see the environment from the back these gentle creatures. It is an unparalleled platform for customer teaching and fundamental interaction. No South African Tour and Safari is complete without doing an elephant back safari with all your family, friends or colleagues.

The programs are guest and elephant motivated along with the focuses is on teaching through interaction, therefore you will not likely simply learn a lot about elephants, but also are able to touch, feel, feed, walk trunk-in-hand and even ride most of these awesome beasts.

African elephants are the species of elephants from the elephantsafarisafrica.com, one of the two existing genera in Elephantidae. African Elephants are bigger than Asian Elephants and the biggest difference is the ears. Asian Elephants have very small ears while the African Elephant has big ears.

Males stand 3.64 meters tall at this shoulder and weigh 5,455 kg, while females have 3 meters and weigh 3,636 kg to 5,545 kg. However, males can get as big seeing that 6,800 kg.

Elephants have four molars; each weighs in at about 5.0 kg and measures about 12 inches width long. As the front pair wears down and sheds out in pieces, the back pair shift forward and two new molars emerge behind the mouth. Elephants replace their teeth six times. At about 40 to 60 years old the elephant no longer has teeth and will very likely perish of starvation, a common cause of death.

African Elephants can also be a member of the South African Big 5, the beasts that is definitely the most challenging to hunt on foot. Other animals owned by this group are the Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros and this Buffalo.

African Wanderer Tours and Safaris are specialists in creating Touring Packages once we cater for all different size groups. Let us make it easier to have the most memorable experience there can be with your South African Tour and Safari.

Elephant Back Safari options add some following: The One Hour Elephant walk: The experience incorporates a walk throughout the bush where clients can interact with the elephants along with the natural environment simultaneously. The walk can be tailored to your personal energy levels with regard to how fast or slow you wish to walk. A sensible way to combine a walking safari with a close encounter in addition to lifetime experience with African elephants.

The One Hour Hippo Back Safari: This is an Elephant Back Safari including an activity viewing experience through the bush. It includes an probability to interact, ride and view game from the backs your two African elephant. We saddle up and go for a ride in the bush on the lookout for the many species of game which inhabit the pre-book.

The Two Hour Elephant Back Safari: This again has a game viewing experience through the bush. The elephants are you can use and the time is yours. The ride is generally more rewarding with regard to animal sightings in comparison to the one hour Hippo Back Safari and includes either morning coffee and rusks or maybe afternoon sun-downers. In this experience, quite some distance is covered and the opportunity to see a variety of game is good. We get all around impala, kudu, waterbuck, giraffe, warthog and sometimes even rhino in addition to elephant. And yes, we have passed the lions at certain times too!

The Three Hour Elephant Back Safari: The ultimate elephant experience Elephantsafarisafrica offers and offers the best combination of interaction, rides and actual game viewing on the backs of these great creatures. The experience includes either day coffee and rusks or afternoon sun-downers and snacks.

To find out more about elephant Back Safaris visit http://www.elephantsafarisafrica.com or if you want to book an elephant Safaris please visit http://elephantsafarisafrica.com/.

For more next article, please visit to elephantsafarisafrica.com.


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